How much will you save with hubbul?


How much have I lost to agencies?

per contractor
per month
per annum

With hubbul you would pay a commission of £0.

Assuming a 15% agency commission, with each contractor working 240 days per annum.


Take control.

Your home for direct hiring

  • Find, match, interview and hire thousands in a single tap
  • Reference, organise, pay and manage all your contractors easily 
  • Collaborate on hiring - go solo or as a team
  • Plan ahead and hire today for the future
  • Scale your teams up and down as and when you need
  • Hire unlimited, anytime, anywhere


Quality you can trust

  • References from other trusted employers
  • Verified, background checks on all contractors
  • Conduct any form of background check
  • Rate contractors on your terms
  • Get and give feedback on every interview



Save time.

Zero time searching, real-time hiring

  • Non-stop delivery of the right talent
  • Instant results and recommendations
  • Arrange interviews anytime, anywhere in a single tap
  • Everything you need all in one place

Save money.

High value and affordable

  • No middlemen, no recruitment fees
  • No user fees, unlimited user licences
  • Unlimited job posting 
  • No hidden costs, pay the right day rate on every hire
  • Hire unlimited contractors for a simple monthly subscription