The 9 real reasons you quit your job.

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Today, more people than ever before are leaving the confines of permanent employment for a career that brings more freedom, independence and flexibility. With a record 4.8million self-employed people in the UK, 2million of whom are freelancers or contractors, this way of working is fast becoming the new way of working.

But can you remember life before you worked for yourself? What's more, can you remember the pitfalls of permanent employment? Either way, perhaps this will jog your memory...

1.     Sunday night dread.

The dread would set in every Sunday without fail. You wanted to look forward to work, not fear it and resent it.

2.     Uninspired. Unenthusiastic.  

You were bored, stale and sat on auto-pilot. It was time for a change. It was time to branch out on your own.

3.     No ‘me time’.

You worked long hours for little reward or recognition. You were in desperate need of a better work life balance.

4.     You simply didn't earn enough.

Your salary was reviewed once a year, and bonuses were few and far between. You wanted to see the financial rewards yourself and experience unlimited earning potential.

5.     You just weren't in control.

Your employer took too much and gave too little, dictating when you worked, how you worked, and where from. It was time to take control and work on your terms, anytime, anywhere.

6.     Progression? What progression?

The rules and rigidity of corporate life stopped you from reaching your potential. You wanted a career without limits.

7.     Misunderstood.

None of your colleagues seemed to understand that corporate life wasn't for you. You wanted to meet, create and collaborate with like-minded people. 

8. Clockwatching.

You spent the days clock-watching in the office, dreaming about a more adventurous career.

9.   Uncertainty? No problem.

A company pension, paid dental care and holiday pay just wasn't enough to keep you satisfied. Your freedom and independence mattered more. And if that came with an element of risk or uncertainty, then so be it. 

What encouraged you to quit your job and go freelance?

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