IR35: The contractor's opinions.

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IR35 is changing. As of 6th April 2017, the responsibility for setting the employment status of contractors will fall on public sector employers, rather than you, the freelancer or contractor. The UK's freelancer and contractor community waits nervously, understandably pessimistic about the long-mooted changes.

But IR35 reform makes up just one of the numerous, and questionable amendments to tax. The Government are clearly planning to get tough with the UK's self-employed, who, in their opinion unfairly exploit the current system.

The lack of preparation for IR35 changes has led to massive uncertainty among public sector bodies and recruitment agencies, not to mention massive and genuine concern among contractors. To state the obvious, the Government's recent clampdown on tax has not been a popular move.

Without the time, nor experience in setting IR35 status, and in the most-part equipped with HMRC's ESS Tool (largely thought to be unfit for purpose), thousands of contractors risk being wrongly placed inside IR35 by their public sector clients - and therefore will be made to pay similar taxes to employees without enjoying any of the benefits that working as an employee brings.

Recent research from contractor tax advisor, Qdos Contractor, revealed in short, that these changes might well have a huge bearing on vital public sector projects and the very future of freelancing and contracting in the UK.

Qdos Contractor surveyed 2,000 UK contractors. Here's how they felt about the incoming changes to IR35 in the public sector:

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