The UK's top 10 paid IT contractor jobs.

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When it comes to jobs, money isn’t everything. Worklife balance, company culture, flexibility, opportunity and progression all play massive parts in helping us choose our next project or contract.

That said, money matters.  So whether you’re at a crossroads in your career, fancy a change or just want confirmation that you’re working in the right industry, here are the UK’s top 10 paid IT and digital contractor positions, pulled from Techno Jobs: 

10) Head of DevOps. Day Rate - £680

9) Senior Security Architect. Day Rate - £680

8) Senior Enterprise Architect. Day Rate - £680

7) Quantitative Risk Analysis. Day Rate - £690

6) Chief Technology Officer. Day Rate - £700

5) Murex Developer. Day Rate - £700

4) Head of Business Intelligence. Day Rate - £720

3) Programme Director. Day Rate - £720

2) IT Director. Day Rate - £720

1) Head of Technology. Day Rate - £860

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