On-demand coworking, the future of the workplace.

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Life’s pretty convenient for us millennials isn’t it? These days, thanks to the latest app or tech, we're able to get hold of almost anything we want, digitally, and in just a few taps - before using it and enjoying it just moments later. We buy, swap, borrow, sell and share with other people and businesses everyday, instantly, anytime, anywhere. It's the on-demand economy, and it's everywhere.

There's Uber for taxis, Airbnb for accommodation, Skyscanner for flights, JustEat for food, Deliveroo for takeaway delivery, and now, even work.life for workspaces - who've recently made it as easy to get started at a coworking space as it is to book an Uber, 'Airbnb it' or get your favourite pizza delivered straight to your door.


work.life London is on-demand coworking at your total convenience. It’s 24/7 access, contactless tap in, tap out, state of the art office space as and when you need it. Just sign-up, punch in your card details and away you go. It's that simple. work.life takes flexible office space to the next level. To say that it's the next generation of coworking, maybe even the future of the workspace isn't an exaggeration either.

And the Founder, David Kosky is one of those people who 'gets it'. He knows where the world of work is heading, and put simply, is providing flexible office space for North London's growing freelance workforce.  

"The future of work is freelancer led. With more and more of us deciding to work for ourselves, there's massive and growing demand for flexible workspace that offers an affordable alternative to the kitchen table and without the distractions of coffee-shop working," he explained.


A few seconds walk from Camden Lock, work.life has all the personality, colour and bustle of the nearby market, with the added bonus of workstations, wifi, free coffee, fruit and bagels. There's a ‘thank God it’s Monday’ attitude - a perspective on life that we could all do with embracing every once in a while.


work.life is a coworking space designed to accommodate, which funnily enough is a rarity. Whether you’re interested in working alongside other freelancers and small teams, after your own private office space, or just need a quiet corner for the afternoon, spend each day exactly how you want. No problem.

Networking and events.

It’s a real focal point. From structured events on The Future of Work with industry experts and thought-leaders, right through to Pizza and Beer Thursdays with the community, networking and collaboration sit top of the agenda - exactly what coworking is all about. 


This is where it gets interesting. You pay £3.50 an hour, with a minimum spend of £20 per month. Put simply, use work.life as often or as little as you want - well near enough anyway.

So if you’re frighteningly busy, just tap-in for a few extra hours. And if you’re frustratingly quiet? Don’t. It’s that simple. work.life is as no-strings as office space comes, giving members almost complete control over when they they use it, how they use it and how much they pay each month. Flexibility at its finest.

Hipster rating.

Verging on hipster free. There’s a great mix of freelancers and small businesses milling about, including a small team of Dr Marten’s shoe branch. And before you ask, no, discount on Docs doesn’t come with the membership. If only…


Top drawer. Keep your ear to the ground for the opening of work.life's new East London space very soon.

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