Coworking at Campus London.

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Spitting distance from – yep, you guessed it – Shoreditch’s Old Street – or as its more affectionately known – The Silicon Roundabout, Campus London is one of the pack leaders when it comes to the capital’s top coworking spaces. Colourful, loud and just that little bit different, it's the perfect East London stereotype.

It's ‘Google’s space for entrepreneurs’, and it feels like that in every way. Not the link with Google though, that’s discreet. It’s more the entrepreneur bit. The five floor space is a thriving, exciting coworking cum coffee-shop cum hang-out, cum incubator for freelancers, startups and entrepreneurs.


Busy. Noisy. Creative. Productive – apart from the table football. But then again, who doesn’t need to unleash a bit of built up freelance frustration on twiddly football every so often?

That aside, Campus London has an air of purpose about the place. Right in the heart of Tech City, it's easy to see why the place is rammed with creative, innovative people using it as a base to build and grow their business. It may be the cliché of coworking. But it works, really well.

Networking and events.

Spot on. Even the most anti-networking freelancers would find it hard not to find themselves blethering away with a table neighbour at one point or another. With so much in common, it’s hard not to.

Whether it’s the Campus Café, Device Lab – for testing apps, Coworking Space, or Main Event Space, there probably aren’t many better places to meet and chat with like-minded people and potential clients in London.

And the events are regular and worthwhile. With workshops, screenings, speakers and lectures from industry Jedis, the opportunity to learn a business trick or two at Campus London is pretty damn impressive.


Oh, didn’t we mention? It’s free. Well, the Campus Café, a large downstairs space teeming with freelancers doesn’t cost a penny to use anyway. You need a membership for the upstairs ‘coworking space’. It's run by tech hub – and you'll need to apply for membership through them.

Hipster rating.

Of course there's a fair few knocking about. Come on, it’s Tech City for goodness sake! But this isn’t one of those coworking spaces where freelancers flock to armed with their MacBooks, Moleskines and thick-rimmed glasses, simply to look the part. The guys working from Campus London certainly aren't here just to take edgy Instagram shots and tell their friends they freelance. Judging by it, they're here to make things happen.


The big-boy of coworking in the capital. Go try it out.

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