Coffee-shop working at the Department of Coffee and Social Affairs.

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Just off Clerkenwell’s Hatton Garden, in the heart of Leather Lane market, Department of Coffee and Social Affairs is the kind of coffee-shop built for freelancers. Unsurprisingly really, given its name, isn't it?

But after a quick chat with one very welcoming Barista, the name for this growing chain of London coffee-spots (there's 8 now) stems from it’s humanitarian work in the UK and abroad. So if you're after a coffee-shop with a conscience, you're onto a winner with this one.


Plumped for a black filter of the Adado Dream, an Ethiopian, earthy, strong, rich coffee bean, which did exactly what it said on the tin - or more accurately, the drinks board. If you’re in the mood to experiment though, get involved with the El Salvadorian or Costa Rican beans. 

There’s also the added bonus of a coffee delivery service too. Check out the ‘Home & Office Coffee Subscription’, for £9 a month. Your choice of coffee delivered straight to your door. On-demand coffee anyone?


9am on a Thursday morning and the place was buzzing. Old school hip-hop, the warming sound of milk steaming and a chatty atmosphere make it a great spot for a call or client meeting, without feeling 'listened in' to. 


The place is perhaps better suited to meetings or a day of remote working, rather than somewhere you might build and grow a network from. That said, sat just a few moments from Holborn - one of London’s advertising hotspots - who’s to say freelancers working in the creative space won’t find it useful to spend a couple of hours a week here.


Virtually non-existent. It might have just been 'one of those days', but even Spotify seemed to struggle...

Hipster rating.

The odd beard, but not a French Bulldog in sight. Refreshing though, if anything.


Cliché free coffee-shop working, just without the internet.


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