Why should you freelance for a startup?

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With more than 608,000 companies, the UK’s startup scene is booming. Creative, innovative and disruptive, these businesses might be small in size, but they’re big on ideas. They’re exciting, forward-thinking and unique companies to work for, and what’s more, they’re here to stay. Already a global startup hub, the UK’s startup revolution has only really just begun. 

Whether it’s a company on a mission to make great food available to everyone, or a one-time bedroom business that’s changing the holiday rental market forever, startups come in all shapes and sizes, across all industries and professions. And there really is a startup suited to everyone, including freelancers - the perfect worker for innovative, fast-moving, high-growth companies who, more often than not, need to get things right first time.

Sure, in the past startups have been stereotyped to death. You know, Ping-Pong tables, coworking spaces, hipsters with Macbooks and Thursday beers. But the cliché of startup life is exactly that: a cliché. While startups are great fun to work for, these small teams are serious about business too.

Last year, the UK’s tech industry – powered by startups – grew 32% faster than the UK economy – which says it all. It’s little wonder so many freelancing millennials want to get involved. So, here’s why you might want to get involved with a startup on a freelance basis…

Culture like no other.

Startups are diverse, and made up of people who completely buy into the ‘idea’ - a recipe for a pretty special company culture. Great startups celebrate success, learn from failure and grow together as a team. And by their very nature, startups are entrepreneurial, just like you. Secure a startup client and benefit from a spirit and company culture that’s hard to find anywhere else.

Work hard. Play hard.

Work for a startup and experience more freedom in the way you work. Whether it’s flexible or remote working, top startups know that a healthy work life balance creates a happier, more productive working environment. And more often than not, startups empower anyone who works for them. They build working relationships based on trust, which is good news for freelancers – who are typically given the freedom to work however they want.

A world of opportunity.

Startups grow. And fast. With various rounds of investment, and bucket-loads of ambition, anyone working with a startup has the opportunity to grow with the company, secure better rates of pay and play a big part in redefining an industry.

Responsibility? All yours.

Startups are renowned for giving their workforce much more ownership over projects. You probably won't be micro-managed, so you can take full control of your work. And if you’re looking to take on more responsibility, it’s all yours. Along with the founders, create, shape and build your perfect role.

Every corner of the UK.

Think the startup scene in the UK is London only? Think again. Britain has been nicknamed the self-employed capital of Western Europe in recent times, with Manchester, Edinburgh, Cambridge, Oxford, Bristol and Newcastle, and of course London, spearheading the UK’s startup scene.

Fast-moving, entrepreneurial and the exciting beyond belief, startups give you the opportunity to play your part in the future of work – which begs the question: what are you waiting for? 

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