Thought of the week: working without wifi is bliss (sometimes).

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I’m sat writing this from a laundrette in London. You know, the kind of laundrette you see in EastEnders. See the picture above? It's just like that one. A little rough round the edges, but it has charm.

My washing machine has broken. So a day of multitasking is on the cards. Laptop balanced delicately on knees, earphones plugged in, I’m the perfect picture of a remote worker, a digital nomad – the walking, talking, writing stereotype of a modern day freelancer.

Juggling work with play and monotonous house-hold chores like washing your clothes is all in a day’s work for the modern worker. But would anyone have it any other way? Not a chance.

And funnily enough, the warm blast of the industrial sized tumble dryers, the clunking of washing machines and sweet smell of fabric softener make it quite therapeutic actually – a fair bit better than some of those cliched offices with slides, ball ponds and ping pong tables that have actually been built to act as a distraction. I could probably get used to working from here.

What’s more, there’s no wifi. It’s brilliant. No incoming emails, alerts or notifications. Nothing. It’s great. The only distraction is the occasional clink of rogue loose change being chucked about washing machine drums, and blasts of cold air as people make their way in and out of the laundrette. 

Sure, time-travelling back into the internet-free dark ages is only useful if you’ve got stuff to get on with where you don’t need a connection. But who doesn’t?

Make plans, brainstorm, map-out your next career move, or even just think. Take a step back from the relentless pace of life-online. Try it. Down tools. Switch off. Go somewhere without internet and clear your head.  Jot notes in that Moleskin you haven’t even taken out of the plastic film. If it wasn’t for my dodgy, illegible handwriting, I’d have handwritten this article…



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