The value of freelancers to employers.

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Freelancing and contracting in the UK is 'in'.  With around 120,000 people swapping employment for the self-employed adventure, forget about it simply being a trend - it's quickly becoming the norm. Sitting pretty at 1.88million, the UK's freelancer community is diverse, exciting and nothing less than crucial to UK business.

The workforce has well and truly evolved. And businesses of all sizes are well on-board with the transformation in the way people now work. 85% of UK business leaders reckon freelancers add value to their companies, while 92% stated they add value to the economy. Not bad for a line of work riddled with unfair stereotypes of lazy pyjama wearing home-workers...

But thankfully, those tired out perceptions of freelancers are on their way out. And about time. Because freelancers across the UK are essential. Once described by the Prime Minister as 'the engine-room of the economy', they fuel growth. They're skilled, motivated and expert at what they do. And enable businesses to take on more projects, run more efficiently and plug important skills gaps. The UK would be a very different place without the on-demand workforce.

For employers, freelancers are a dream come true. Huge, sudden rise in demand? No problem. Hire a freelancer instantly, and stop worrying. Freelancers, the fastest growing sector of the European labour market also happens to be the most agile and flexible too. Ideal.

And if you're worried about the cost of freelancers, don't be. They save businesses money. Hired exactly as and when they're needed, a healthy hybrid workforce of freelancers and employees helps businesses keep a lower permanent headcount.

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