Why go freelance?

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Put simply, there’s never been a better time to make the move from being a permanent employee to the world of freelancing. UK freelancer numbers have grown by almost 25% in the past five years to 1.91 million. And with complete control over your career, and the freedom to work whenever you want for whoever you want, it's time to experience worklife liberation. Here's why...

1. Choice and control

Take control and have choice over the best projects, working with the clients that interest you most. 

2. Work anytime, anywhere 

Remote working is in. Set your own boundaries, and set your own rules with clients. Start working exactly when it suits you, from anywhere in the world. 

3. Join a growing community

With an estimated 20% of the UK workforce becoming freelancers or contractors by 2020, now is the time to become part of this thriving community. Throw into the mix that self-employment in the UK sits at an all time high of 4.6million people, and you're in good company. 

4. Earn more

Set your own rates and earn more than you would as a permanent employee. As you gain more experience, you can set a higher day rate. Sorted.

5. Feel valued

Freelancers and contractors are specialists in what they do. You will be the trusted expert, appreciated by clients and always in-demand. As the fastest growing sector of the European labour market, UK freelancers contributed £109billion to the UK economy last year. These days, freelancers are absolutely vital.

6. Never get bored

Forget stagnating in the same office job for years on end - freelancers move from one project to the next whenever it suits.

7. There's help at hand

Don’t let the idea of sorting your own taxes put you off either. As a limited company freelancer, there are plenty of freelancer accountants and umbrella companies who can do all of it for you, meaning you can focus on the job-in-hand.

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